Barber State Board Exam

  • Gives you every question (with answers) asked on the State Board Exam.
  • Arrives at your address within 3 business days (not available by email).
  • Presents the questions (with answers) in a random fashion just as on the actual State Board Exam.
  • And it comes with a Money Back Guarantee, you pass your exam or you get your money back.
$39.95+ $6.99 shipping

NEW FOR 2016

Contains the Complete list of current Barber State Board Exam questions & answers (new: June, 2016).

Available for any state you need.

We give you the actual questions (with answers) that are being asked on the Barber State Board Exam in 2016.

Our study-guide gives you  the  current, real, and actual questions (with answers) being asked on the Barber State Board Examination.

Visit our Free Practice Test page to take a 50 Question Free Practice State Board Exam, and see how you do!