Barber State Board Exam

  • Gives you every question (with answers) asked on the State Board Exam.
  • Arrives at your address within 3 business days (not available by email).
  • Presents the questions (with answers) in a random fashion just as on the actual State Board Exam.
  • And it comes with a Money Back Guarantee, you pass your exam or you get your money back.
$39.95+ $6.99 shipping

Contains the Complete list of current Barber State Board Exam questions & answers (new: January, 2016).

NEW for 2016

Available for any state you need.

Study-guides available from other companies offer you "suggestions" for passing a test, such as - get a good nights sleep, or read the questions carefully.

But they do not give you the actual questions to read or study.

We do give you the actual questions (with answers) that are being asked on the Barber State Board Exam in 2016.

Our study-guide gives you  2,200 current, real, and actual Barber State Board Examination.

Visit our Free Practice Test page to take a 50 Question Free Practice State Board Exam, and see how you do!