I purchased this book 10 days before graduation and I had my State Board Exam yesterday (1st time) and I passed both the written and practical!!! This book was very helpful. It covered alot of information. I am glad I found it on Amazon. Thank you all for this great  product.

Amy, Yuciapa, California

I took my test on Friday and I passed. There was a crazy question about working without a license when an Inspector comes to the salon and I didn't know the answer. But everything else was straight out of your book.

Thank you all,                                      Stefani, GA

I just wanted to say...I PASSED my cosmetology exam after 23 years out of school. I tried the conventional way many times and it didn't work in ANY way. So I purchased your product and did some questions on my phone everyday for a month, and on day 30 I took my test and PASSED. I never looked at my Milady book, it was to much for me to stay interested in and remember.

I am so glad I invested in your product...it helped because I was able to look at it anytime on my phone!

Anybody can pass with this info!!!! Thank you!!!!

I recommend this to anyone trying  to pass state boards...

L. Rowe, GA

I took my test using your study guide and passed 1st time. Thanks for your help.

Natalie, Miami Florida

Good stuff, really helpful.

Raj Gupta, Mission Viejo, CA

I have failed my exam twice. Its as though nothing we studied in school was on it. My husband bought your book for me and I have answered about half the questions and I see so many that were on the tests I failed. Next month I go back and I will let you know the result.

Somya Sharma, Paramus New Jersey

You guys are fantastic, I passed my test the first time with your book. My mom is using it now, but I wish it was available in Spanish to help her she has failed it about 6 times. 

Maribel Montoya, Miami

Your Blog on the Florida Clinical Exam was so right. I don't know why my school didn't explain anything like that to us. But I found so many of the clinical questions in your book I know I will pass this time.

Cecy, Plant City, FL

After failures, I was able to pass my exam using this book. If it was in Spanish it would be even better!!! 

Lesley, California

(see Lesley's Review on Facebook)

Thank you for this book it was amazing.  I was able to pass my test and now I am my own boss with my own salon. Thank you again.

Alfredo, Sacramento, CA

(see Alfredo's Review on Facebook)

I failed my barber test 3 times and then my wife bought me this book, and I passed. What can I say, GOOD TIMES!!!

Russell Butler, GA 

If English is not your first language you will become confused at how the question is asked on the  state exam. With this book they kept asking me the same question in a different way and finally I was able to pass my exam. If English is not your first language buy this book.

Shruti Rani, Westminster, California

Thank you for this amazing book. With it I was able to pass my state board exam, and now I am my own boss, and I own my own salon.

Thank you,


I PASSED! The book really really did help. When I took the test there were a lot of nail questions just like you said there would be and just like there were in your book. I'm going to advise other students to get it. I'll be spreading the word.

Evette, MO

This information helped me with my English and to pass my test.

Thank you, Pooja

I just wanted to say thank you. I passed my exam and made an 85 on it.

Yesenia Ortega, Oakland, California 

My name is Nina Tebano. I used this resource to study for my theory and clinical exams in Florida. I wanted to share the news with you that I PASSED both my Theory and Clinical EXAMS. The first time around. Thank you for all the info and work you guys put together to make my study's and test easier. I couldn't do it without this program. Again, thank you.

Nina, West Palm Beach, Florida

I teach at a Marinello school here in California and for 2014, out of 85 students taking their exam, 84 passed - that means a 99% pass rate. And all the students said your book is what got them through. 


Your book definitely helped me and showed me exactly where I needed to study.

Ranjit, Orange County, CA

I failed my test the first time because many of the questions we did not study in class. Your book had all those questions and more. And it showed how many variations there could be on a question by rewording it. After using your book I passed my test the next time I went. That was good because I had a job holding for me! 

Kathy Choi, Houston Texas

As a State Board Examiner for 10 years in PA I "hated" this book, the students were passing in record high numbers and I felt the book gave them an unfair advantage by spoon-feeding them the questions and answers. 2 years ago I became a co-owner in a cosmetology / barber school, now I'm LUVIN this book because all  our students are passing. I guess the difference between LUV & HATE depends which side of the desk you are sitting on.

Ms. Ray 

I am a cosmetology teacher in California and I have a copy of each  book this company produces. Since using these books my student pass rate  on all 4 S.B. Exams has gone way up. They are a worthwhile investment in your students future and your job security.  I recommend them to all all teachers.

 Julie / California 

Your book is great. I took my test until two days ago. Everything, and I mean everything on the test was in your book - a few questions were reworded but if you were paying attention they were really the same old questions. There was a question about the FDA that was asked at least 5 times with only a wording change.

Rita Parkerson, TN

My son has dyslexia and would have not been able to pass his state board exam without your book. We studied daily and when we took his exam the questions were almost identical to those in your book.

Thank you again for your help.

Michael Behm, CA

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your helpful and friendly customer service. And thank you for clarifying the difference between the Online version and the Hard Copy version. I feel so silly that I even had to ask but I wanted to be certain I ordered the correct one. And then I still ordered the wrong one. Thanks for  fixing it and for not making me feel ridiculous.

Gizela, Katy, Texas

Another student from daughter's school in Florida posted this book and praised it for actually being what assisted her in passing. It has been a challenge to find any materials that are generally appropriate to study for the state board and we have wasted considerable time and money looking.  The materials arrived a few day ago and we are very excited by their content. We will spread the good word.

Lenore Mejia, Coral Springs

I freeze when I take any Test so I guessed my Cosmetology Boards would be the same. But after answering the questions on your Online Exam several times I was so relaxed with the computer software that the real Exam was not so bad - bad - but not so bad, and I passed, first time, just like you said I would. I am recommending you to everybody.

Soroya / Westwood, California

I am a really bad test taker and I always panic when I have to take any test. I do O.K. in school, but at test time I' m a mess. Walking into my State Board I was a BIG mess, no lie! But by question 10 I realized I had seen everyone of these questions in the study-guide I bought from your company. I don't think I could not have passed without you, and I cannot thank you enough.

Janeth / Miami Lakes

We got your book with our kits from Paul Mitchell and everyone passed.

Jordan Cespedas / San Diego, California

I took the test 7 times and failed. Every time I went the questions were totally different than the last time I went so I didn't know what to study.   But this is my dream and I didn't want to let go of it. I don't even know how I found your site, my mom says it was Jesus, who knows, but I finally passed with your book. It was worth every penny and more. Anybody who seriously wants to pass the test needs to get this book.

Yosvany / TX

THX, you guys are incredible, unbelieveable, I passed the 1st time, I still can't believe it. Every question in your book was right on point. Unbelieveable.                                                                                                  Dario Orlando / Hialeah, Florida

I was a cosmetology instructor for years until I quit in frustration because the schools did not teach what was on the State Board and none of the textbooks cover it either. It was usual for half my our  students to fail and the school did not see this  as a problem. Most people just do not get what they need in school. Now I do only  private tutoring to prepare students for the State Board and I use only your book. I have all my students buy it to study. And I have almost a 100% pass.                                                                                  Grace Torres / Whittier, CA

I bought your study-guide for the written and passed because you made it so easy. Now please make something to help me to pass the practical.                                                                                                        Angel

Received the book this morning, its great. Wish I had it before I took my test and failed!
Diane M. / New York

Thank you so much, you guys have been great. Great customer service, especially Nicole and Rebecca.
Celia Sanchez / Miami

Hi Nicole, thank you for trouble-shooting my problem so fast. You and the guy I talked to one the phone yesterday were tremendously helpful. I really appreciate it and I am going to post it on my Facebook page so people see it. Thank you again.
Allison P. / S.C.

Wanted you to know I used your Crash Course book for about 12 - 14 hours and easily passed my state boards, so worth it.                      
B. Moore / CO

Hi Michael, yes, its me...again... just wanted to say thanks for giving me the tools to pass my State Board Exam AND say I am sorry for not believing it in the beginning, THANK YOU ALL for helping me
PASS.  Gracy J. / MD

Dead on great system, needed 75 to pass and received an 89; I can't hardly believe the spot on accuracy of your questions, Thx.            
David K / MN

All your help answering my questions on the phone every day for a week was really helpful, passed my test first time. 
Tess D. / TX

Thanks for you honesty in deciding between the E-book and the Hard Copy.  My wife's English is not always good but she passed the test, I think the Hard Copy was the right choice for us
S. Azimi / CA

Loving your books. I bought the manicure book last year and passed. I bought the Esthetics book 3 months ago and passed. My fiance is in Barber School and he will buy the book when it is time. 
Sandy S. / WA  

Florida exam is  b#*%%&^t, teacher tells every class to get your book. Most of us do, I did and it worked for me. Oye, Viva Miami!      
Orlando G. / FL

Before I found your book I failed my written test 4 times in California. Your book really works. 
Jose Q. / CA

The new Milady book (2013)  is big and the instructor told us there are 300 new pages not in the old book. She gave us your website and me and a few friends ordered your book - so far, 100% passing for the 4 of us and 1 more to go. Will let you know. 
Janecia W. / NJ

"OMG, thank you so much for your help. I was so unprepared when I called you... graduated school over a year ago... never took my test... never studied. With less than a week to go before my big test date, I followed your suggestion and bought the e-book download. And now I am a licensed sylista – hooray for me!"
Summer B. / CA

"I took your on-line test and didn't do very well. OK, I failed. Then I took my Florida Cosmetology Exam – failed! The questions on the State Board were just like your online exam. After that, I bought your book and retook my test. And guess what? I passed. I told the school director and suggested she buy your book, and she did. Thanks."
Marco V. / FL

"I failed my exam 3 times before a friend recommended your site to me. I was hesitant because I have purchased other Study-Guides that didn't work. I can't even imagine how much money I lost by not working for a year while I kept failing my exam. I finally ordered your Study-Guide review and the questions were almost word for word what was on my State Board Test. I passed and I can only say I wish I had found you first. God bless you all, especially Marilee, you are so sweet and good luck with your new baby."
Virginia R / VA

"You were the only people that kept answering the phone when I kept calling, again and again. Everybody else was only available by email. Your book was awesome, so much like the real exam that I felt really comfortable taking the exam and I passed the first time just like you promised."
Toni S. / AZ

"My wife and I moved to Arkansas from Georgia where she did hair in her own salon for more than 30 years. But Arkansas wanted her to take the Written Exam. She was nervous because school was so long ago. But we saw your site and called you. Your advice was perfect and your Study-Guide was exactly as you said it would be. The questions were straight forward and informative. She passed her test and is now working."
Thank you,

Mark W. / AR

"I am from China and living in New York now 5 years. My English is improving, but I failed my Examination. I have 2 children and could not afford to fail again. My husband is American and can speak English but he doesn't know about hair, skin, or nails. I bought your book and he helped me study. Now I have a license and he knows about cosmetology, funny. Our family thanks you, if you come to New York I will make you the best Chinese dinner. P.S. He helped me write this."
Wei M. / NY

"My name is Charlene and I am a salon owner in Chicago. In my salon we have an Apprenticeship Program and I am proud to say we have created some of the best Hairdressers in the metropolitan area. We have been using your Cosmetology Study Guide for sometime with excellent results and we have just begun using your Manicure / Pedicure Study Guide. My staff all love it. Now if you could just make a book teaching the staff how to clean up after themselves it would be all good!

Charlene R. / IL

"Thank you for your help and sorry for all the drama with my email address. But hey, I am an artist not a tech guy, so I have an excuse - LOL. But seriously, before your ebook download arrived I didn't know anything, two weeks later I passed my New Jersey Cosmetology Exam. I don't think I could have done it without you. Thanks guys."
Kai / NJ

"Our school uses your book and sells your book and one of our instructors used to work for you in California. We also have one of the highest pass rates in the state almost every quarter."
Leilani W. / HI

"Just passed my exam, so excited!!! I couldn't pass it without you. I WILL RECOMMEND YOU TO EVERYBODY."
Cherie / FL

"Thanks guys, and thanks Rebecca you were right, the test actually is easier in English than Spanish."
Arturo, L.A.

"Today I passed my state board test. Thank you so much for your help. And thank you for coming up with this bright idea to help us pass the state board exam, because it is not easy. You all are awesome!"
Lizette, Daily City, California

"I live in San Diego and my English is O.K. / not really good.  Last summer I bought your book for cosmetology and passed my test first time. 2 months ago I bought the book for Barber and passed my test today.  A good feeling. "
Patricia M., San Diego

"I saw a posting that said this company had poor customer service. I don’t know, I purchased their book about 6 months ago and spoke to a woman at the company named Taija about 30 times with different questions. She even called me the morning of my exam to wish me luck. "
Corrina Ortega, Hialeah, Florida