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Many of you have already failed your State Board Exam at least once. Most of you studied using the Milady Exam Question book you received in school. And by now, all of you realize the questions in that book are not the ones on the State Board Exam. If they were on the State Board Exam, you would have passed - but they are not. And if you keep on studying them, you will keep on failing.

Below are 50 questions that are on the New State Board Exam. Read them – Study Them – Learn Them – Know Them. To receive all the questions & answers currently being asked on the State Board Exam: Order Now.

1: When razor cutting, it is recommended that hair be cut


2: When cutting extremely curly hair, it is recommended the hair be cut


3: When cutting kinky hair, it is recommended the hair be cut


4: Which governmental agency mandates the use of a P.D. Test prior to using aniline derivative tints


5: Clients hair has lightened to a Level 6, what is the exposed underlying pigment color and what is the correct Toner Shade to achieve a nuetral color?


6: When giving a scissor haircut, the guideline is generally


7: The amount of hair on a person's head is referred to as


8: Hair with its cuticle in place and tightly closed is said to have


9: Pediculosis Capitis is


10: In the "shears-over-comb" technique, if the comb is held at an angle, the


11: The red dermal light is used to treat


12: When using a hot iron, curling the hair from the ends towards the scalp is referred to as


13: What type of roller set (wet set) placement would create the most volume?


14: In a pin-curl set, the clippies are inserted at the


15: The concentration of hydrogen ions in a solution is known as


16: The perimeter of the haircut is found at the


17: Which of the following lines would be used to add weight / volume in a haircut?


18: Which of the following is not a term used when referring to human hair wigs?


19: The tissue beneath the Free Edge of the nail is known as


20: In hair cutting, angles below 90 degrees are used primarily to


21: This type of guideline is used when you want to create a gradual increase in weight or length


22: Another name for Tesla (high frequency) current is


23: When giving a razor haircut, the guideline is generally


24: Remy hair is


25: This type of relaxer is usually advertised as a "No-Lye" and marketed for "Sensitive Scalps"


26: Most relaxers on the market contain


27: Eye Tabbing involves


28: When cutting hair using "Double-Notched" thinning shears, what will be the result?


29: In hair cutting, the area above the parietal crest is referred to as the


30: A "hand-tied" or "hand-knotted" wig is a


31: Process where the Sodium Hydroxide Relaxer removes one atom of sulphur from the disulphide bond


32: The "shear-over-comb" method usually employs this type of comb


33: What is the effect of "Certified Colors" on the hair shaft?


34: A "weft" will be found in a


35: Turned Hair is


36: All of the following are true of Guanidine Relaxers except


37: Neutralizers, Stabilizers, and Fixatives all tend to fall where on the pH scale?


38: Vellus hair can be distinguished from lanugo hair, because


39: The hair found on a man's face is referred to as


40: Machine made wigs are


41: Synthetic hair wigs


42: This agency approves & regulates the efficacy of products used for disinfection.


43: Client's hair has been lightened to pale yellow, client wants it neutral (no warm or ash tones), use


44: The even mixture of blue and yellow makes


45: Which of the following pin-curl sets will create the most volume


46: Which of the following pin-curl sets will create the least volume


47: Which of the following roller-sets will create the most volume


48: The point where the nail enters the skin at the nail base is referred to as the


49: The ideal base for a roller-set is


50: Client's hair has lightened to palest yellow, stylist applies a blue toner. What is the result?


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